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Heat Exchange Equipment Engineering Laboratory in Henan

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 Aiming at energy saving and efficiency increasing in the heat exchange industry, taking advantages of JX Equipment in heat exchanger design, manufacturing, inspection and marketing as well as advantages of Zhengzhou University in technology and talented personnel, JX Equipment and Zhengzhou University have jointly established the Heat Exchange Equipment Engineering Laboratory in Henan.

The Laboratory can undertake:

l  Tests of heat transfer and flow resistance performance of heat exchange equipment to provide a complete and suitable computing method for model and specification selection;

l  verification test and qualification test of new products;

l  R&D of new heat transfer augmentation, drag reduction and scale reduction technology;

l  R&D of new energy-saving heat transfer technology and equipment;

l  R&D of new waste-heat utilization technology and equipment;

l  engineering design and application solution of heat energy-saving technology and equipment.

As a new high efficient heat exchanger research and production base in Central China, the Lab has provided technical support and services for energy-saving and emission reduction of the process industry, and contributed to increasing enterprise independent innovation capability, improving China's energy utilization efficiency, energy-saving and cost-reducing, enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises.