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Ploughshare Stirred Reaction Still

updatatime:2015-11-29 10:07:58    clicks:827

 Ploughshare Stirred Reaction Still was upgraded and designed by JX Equipment on the basis of traditional reaction stills. It has a more reasonable structure and can effectively improve product quality. It has the following characteristics:

l  The stirrer is optimized to improve the mixing efficiency. Water glass solution and sulfuric acid solution react fully and uniformly which makes the White Carbon Black particles produced more uniform.

l  The feeding mode is optimized to make sulfuric acid dispersed effectively in the reaction medium and avoid local aggregation.

l  The heating mode is optimized to make heating effect is compatible with the stirring effect.

Compared with the current reactors, it can adapt the needs of high-quality White Carton Black precipitation reaction and meet the requirements of different reactions which will help the process update. It has been highly praised by users since it was industrially used. It was granted the utility model patent by SIPO of China on January 30, 2013.